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Sierra Leone’s Deputy Head OF Mission Participates in the Turkey – Cambodia Business Forum, 15th September, 2021








The Deputy Head of Mission at the Republic of Sierra Leone Embassy Ankara Turkey Paul A.S. Minah has participated in the aforementioned business forum organized by “SANKON”, a Turkish confederation of business people, industrialists, and the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Ankara, along with contributions from the Chamber of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia. This forum was held both physical and virtual, on 15th September 2021.

The Forum enabled Turkey and Cambodia business professionals, investors, to dialogue extensively on how commercial activities should be carried out in their respective countries. Leaders and professionals from each country dialogued on how commerce should be organized between the two sides. Agriculture, Food Security, Animal husbandry amongst others formed part of the discussions. A Turkish representative made emphasis on several issues but most important of all was the agricultural machinery and other related products that Cambodia may be interested in. In their statements, each side was assured of their commitment to pursue business exchange and reiterate on their willingness to invest in each other’s country.

Furthermore, extensive discussions went on between the two sides (Turkey and Cambodia) in the areas of Fisheries, Rice Production, Agricultural Technology, Textile, Construction, Tourism, Information Technology, and Defense Technology, and a host of other materials/items.

In conclusion, contacts were made for future exchange of information as both parties (Turkey and Cambodia) promised to follow up on issues discussed during the forum.

This programme will also serve as a lesson to the Embassy of Sierra Leone especially when he had contact with some investors, farmers, etc. to put Sierra Leone on the future road map.


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