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H.E. Mohamed Hassan Kaisamba recently hosted the Minister of Trade and Industry, and the Petroleum Directorate in Turkey as the head of the Sierra Leone delegation, attending the just concluded III. Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum, 21st - 22nd October 2021.

H.E Ambasssador Mohamed Hassan Kaisamba

This year's event was attended by at least 38 thirty- eight Ministers of Trade from Africa. Addressing the well-attended international meeting, The Minister of Trade and Industry of Sierra Leone Dr. Edward Hinga Sandy expressed profound gratitude to his Colleague Minister of Trade of Turkey for the invitation extended to him and his delegation to participate in this all-important event. In his remarks, he outlined the significant growth in the bilateral relationships between the two countries in Economic, Trade, and Investment. He informed the gathering that, Turkish companies operate in critical sectors in Sierra Leone including Energy, Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, and Manufacturing and Commerce.  He further stressed that today, more Sierra Leoneans travel to Turkey for business. 

Minister Hinga Sandy requested from His colleague Turkish Trade Minister to support Sierra Leone in addressing the Logistics supply chain challenges through special Freight rates for key products imported from Turkey namely Clinker, Cement, Iron Rods, and Wheat. Minister Sandy extended an invitation to the Turkish Private Sector to take advantage of the opportunities and potential Sierra Leone Possess with favorable incentives that government offers to investors.  In conclusion, he called for trade data and statics information sharing as this builds for trust and openness.

In the sidewalks of the III. Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum, H.E. Mohamed H. Kaisamba and the Sierra Leone Petroleum Directorate, held very successful bilateral discussions with officials of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR).

The Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone (PDSL) delegation was headed by its Director-General Foday Mansaray, accompanied by the Director of Finance Zainu Deen Karim and Head of Technical Ahmed Tejan Bah. The Turkish side was led by Dr. Ozturk Selvitop, Director-General of Foreign Relations for MENR at the III. Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum in Istanbul.

(H.E. Ambassador Kaisamba and the Sierra Leone Petroleum Directorate team meeting with the Director-General of Foreign Relations, Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resourses) 

Addressing the high-powered meeting, Ambassador Kaisamba thanked His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio and His Excellency Recep Erdogan for creating the enabling environment that made the direct meeting between PDSL and MENR, possible. The Ambassador attributed this success to the growing strength of the Sierra Leone-Turkey bilateral relations. He also reiterated the importance of the Republic of Turkey as a Geo partner and that strengthening trade relationship between the two countries is of utmost priority.

Ambassador Kaisamba stated that his office is working diligently to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two nations. In his remarks, The Director-General of the MRNR Dr. Ozturk Selvitop welcomed the delegation from Sierra Leone and emphasized the need to look for possible business opportunities to strengthen the existing bilateral relationship between the two countries. 

In his presentation, the Director-General of PDSL, Foday Mansaray outlined the mission and vision of the Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone, the exploration history for oil and gas, and the structure of PDSL. 

The Director-General of PDSL also highlighted Sierra Leone’s favorable regulatory and fiscal policies when compared to other oil and gas nations across the globe. The outstanding and informative presentation highlighted the fact that Sierra Leone has shown comparably better statistics in drilling successful exploratory wells when compared to countries in the same stage of operations.

During the presentation, Director-General Mansaray revealed that there are numerous top-notch prospects already identified by the Directorate and that The Republic of Turkey is a reliable and key strategic partner in unlocking these potentials and huge prospects.

Director-General Petroleum Directorate Foday Mansaray (L) Zainu Deen Karim (C-L), Ahmed Tejan Bah (C), H.E. Ambassador Kaisamba (C-R), Deputy ambassador Paul A.S. Minah (R)

In his concluding statement, the Director-General emphasized the political stability, the existence of working petroleum, and the removal of all red tapes to establish a company in Sierra Leone making it an attractive destination for investment in oil and gas exploration. Director-General Mansaray also stated that this partnership in the oil and gas sector will enhance Turkey’s and Sierra Leone’s Energy independence and security.  

In his response, the Director-General of Foreign Relations at MENR applauded the presentation from the DG and outlined the Turkish Government’s policy with respect to exploration for oil and gas. He also requested that the PD makes available all technical data and information that is useful in the exploration process to be evaluated to guide their decision-making process for entering Sierra Leone’s oil and gas space. He also stressed that both parties should be geared up to make follow-ups to strengthen the engagements.



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