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Ambassador Mohamed Hassan Kaisamba Pay Courtesy call on the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly/Parliament Dr. Mustapha Sentop in Ankara Turkey




Sierra Leone Ambassador to Turkey, Mohamed Hassan Kaisamba has on Monday, January 25, 2021, paid a courtesy visit to the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly /Parliament, Dr. Mustapha Sentop in Ankara, Turkey.

In his welcome statement, the Speaker, Mustapha Sentop described the establishment of the Sierra Leone Embassy as a significant milestone and that it represents a display of the significant relationship between Turkey and African nations. He stated that Turkey established its embassy in Sierra Leone in February 2018 and added, “The opening of the Sierra Leones Embassy in 2020 climaxed the friendly ties between the two countries, and this was manifested with the visit of Sierra Leone’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabeela Tunis.”

According to Speaker Sentop, Africa is a very important aspect of Turkish foreign policy, and that in the last decade, the Turkish investment policy has gained significant strides. He said Sierra Leone is not only a partner but a founding major investor in Turkey, adding that his country’s bilateral relationship within the African continent, especially Sierra Leone has been further strengthened and intensified by the Turkish Airline for student and business partners, which has become easy for traveling between Sierra Leone and Turkey.

The Speaker noted that despite the COVID -19 pandemic, the bilateral ties between the two countries have grown and assured that it will be deepening this year.  He assured that when the Double Taxation Policy between the two countries is presented before the Turkish Parliament, they will ensure that the right thing is done to fast-track the process and pass it into law. “Turkey has stood by Sierra Leone during this pandemic by sending drugs and other health-related items. A clear manifestation of Turkey’s support to Sierra Leone in the fight against the Covid-19. I wish you all the best in your endeavors Mr. Ambassador,” Speaker Sentop stated.

In his response, Ambassador Mohamed Hassan Kaisamba said he was honored to meet the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament amidst his busy schedule. “I am gratified that the speaker has spared his time to give me the audience. Mr. Speaker,  I see a lot of opportunities for my parliament and yours, to learn from each other. I look forward to another opportunity in which the leadership of my Government would be able, through your expressed wish, pay you an official visit to share technical expertise and information "

Ambassador Kaisamba discussed parliamentary friendship between the two countries and development support to Sierra Leone and Africa in general. Ambassador Kaisamba also discussed the need to strengthen all arms of Government to enhance democratic good governance.

Let me also extend my sincere thanks to the government and people of Turkey for being so supportive to me and my team since the opening of the embassy in 2020,” he said.  He spoke about the love and respect that continue to exist between the two countries amidst the COVID -19 pandemic while expressing optimism that the bilateral ties will continue to flourish. According to him, when the Speakers of the two country’s parliaments meet and establish bilateral relationships and exchange ideas, it will strengthen the relationship of the two parliaments.

He added that his visit has been preceded by the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mrs. Nabeela Tunis in August 2019 Ambassador Kaisamba extended his condolence to the government and the People of Turkey for all those that have lost their lives during the current pandemic. The ambassador was accompanied by the Head of Chancery, Mr. Mohamed Lamin Khan.


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